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Before a project goes into production, it’s necessary to confirm the expected quality, fit and function of your graphics. When planning a client program, we develop a proof or prototype recommendation to ensure quality and accuracy prior to implementation. This step provides clients the opportunity to confirm color standards are maintained, graphic fit is perfect, real-life execution delivers on the concept goals and the quality meets our incredibly high standards.


Have you ever purchased a product without seeing it first and were disappointed in the outcome? In the wide-format printing process, there is risk when a client hasn’t viewed the actual quality of artwork when produced to actual size. We mitigate client risk through a fast and responsive proofing process that allows us to validate quality without delaying your vehicle graphics plan.

Fit and Function

Another common failure for a poorly planned graphics program is improper fit and function. Our focus on providing accurate and well-designed graphics programs is built on a thorough understanding of applying a concept to vehicles. We know our clients want their vehicles to look consistent, professional and match the design. Our engineering team is responsible for delivering these results to our clients.

Once we perform our validation work, we share the outcome with our clients to provide a first look at the output. This process of development provides clients with the opportunity to view and approve the outcome prior to production. Our clients value the result of our approach to program construction because of our consistency and high rate of success.

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