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We believe a precise, quality design is the basis for a successful client program. We encourage a direct line of communication between clients and our design staff to deliver accurate and efficient creative development and support. The design consultation process follows these steps.

Specs and Timing

During the first phase of the design process, our sales representative will determine goals for the design consultation, gather any artwork or digital assets for reference and arrange a time for a conversation with our graphic designer.

Consultation Preparation

Prior to the meeting, our graphic designer will prepare questions or initial design concepts for consideration, in the event that the design development is limited to technical recommendations.

Design Consultation

The goal for this meeting is to get clarity on graphic design needs. By eliminating the barrier between client and graphic designer, we reduce the number of revisions required to deliver a design you love. In the event we are offering technical recommendations, we may be able to get to a final design on the first pass during a 30-minute consultation. 

Design Review

For graphic design projects that are more involved, we can gather feedback after the design consultation to ensure the design matches your vision prior to preparing an implementation plan.

The steps in the design process are critical to ensure the design accurately represents your brand and fits your fleet. Our attention to detail in this process properly sets the course of construction and validation.

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